Founded in 1934, the California Wine Institute unites the collective strength of over 1,000 wine
producers across the Golden State to ensure the best possible environment for producing and enjoying wine. We also represent our members in helping to promote and sell California wine across the globe, including in the very important markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland, where we work closely with importers, press and retailers to ensure a wide array of outstanding California wine is available to the British consumer.

Our UK operations are managed by Damien Jackman and Justine McGovern.

Sources: U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau; BW166; The Gomberg, Fredrikson Report; Global Trade Information Services; and California Dept. of Food & Agriculture. Statistics are for 2019. 1. Bonded winery number as of July 2020 includes all bonded winery production facilities; excludes second tasting rooms and other non-production bonded wine premises. Source: Wines Vines Analytics.

The economic impact of california wines

California is America’s number one wine state and the fourth largest producer in the world. California wine makes a significant contribution to the nation and all fifty states by providing quality jobs, bolstering economies through hospitality, taxes and tourism and enhancing communities through environmental stewardship.